Here are some articles that I have written for other outlets over the past few years.


Effective Strategies for Personalized Cancer Therapy: Lessons from the 2012 US Presidential Elections

NGS – 4-article series:

  1. Next Generation Sequencing: Necessity In The Age Of Genomics

  2. Next-Generation Sequencing: Technologies

  3. Next-Generation Sequencing: Applications

  4. Next-Generation Sequencing: Clinical Translation


Dedifferentiation – Turning Back the Cellular Clock

Patient-Centered Outcome – 3-article series:

  1. Patient-Centered Outcomes in the Clinic

  2. Patient-Reported Outcomes In Cancer Management

  3. The Way to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research


Next-Generation Sequencing: Challenges and Clinical Translation

Public-Private Partnerships – 3-article series:

  1. Failure of Drug Development Programs for Chronic Diseases

  2. Novel Partnerships For Biomarker Identification As Drug Targets

  3. Public-Private Collaborations To Drive Successful Drug Development

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